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LED Light Base

LED Light Base



Color/Design: Wood/Round


This wooden light base is a fabulous option for displaying a wool felted hurricane.  Its warm lighting offers more illumination than a regular candle.  It’s the perfect lighting option when displaying your felted hurricane in an inverted position for more textural design and interest.  The great element is it won’t singe the wool and what minimal heat it produces is of no worry due to wool being heat tolerant.  It is equipped with a USB cable and LED lights.  I also include a USB to 110 adapter cube to ensure you’ve got all the components ready to go.


Suggested Uses:

Use with a wool felted candle hurricane


Included with this item:

1 LED Light Base

1 USB to 110 adapter cube


Materials Measurement:

Aprximately 4" diamenter x 3/4" tall


Video/Photo Gallery:

Click this link to hop on over to my Fiber Studio page to see some past and recent designs I’ve done. 

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