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Felted Baby Booties

The inspiration for felted wool baby booties came by introduction to them from following other Eastern European felt makers, coupled with an exciting journey of my own to have a baby.  As the years past, my late in life journey for that baby did not manifest, however the felted baby booties did.  Through the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness he transformed my sorrow of not having my own little one to fit a pair upon, to delight in knowing the joy others would receive in getting to do so.

May the light of Christ guide the little feet inside these booties and the word of God be a lamp and light unto their path.

* Please keep in mind hand felting takes time, therefore I trickle designs on one at a time as I make them in between all my other labors.  Be sure to check back occasionally for new additions.

20231012_142345 R copy_edited.jpg
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