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We sell live animals privately from our farm, or at purebred public and online auctions.

Our purebred registered Texel, Border Leicester, and cross-bred sheep are reared as breeding stock and for their fiber.

Interested in talking sheep?

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Texel sheep originated on the island of Texel, which is off the north coast of the Netherlands. They have a uniquely muscled, medium-sized body with a triangular head and short horizontal ears that face forward. Their docile nature makes them a perfect pick for youth. 
Ewes are hardy outdoors and make excellent mothers. Their productivity, efficient conversion of roughage, and speedy lean muscle growth only add to their value. Rams make excellent terminal sires because they are lean, but heavily muscled. Together, they produce a faster growing market lamb and increased profits. In their slick-shorn uniform, they are eye catching, "walking muscle" in the show ring. 

Border Leicester

Border Leicester sheep were developed in 1767 in Northumberland, England near the border of Scotland. They are polled with scrumptious wool locks, erect ears, and a stately Roman nose. They are a large breed, valued for their meat. Their wool is prized by spinners because of its crimp and luster.

They are friendly and inquisitive, with a streak of independence that's balanced with a love for a good scratch. Ewes are hardy, productive, and make excellent mothers producing vigorous lambs and a great milk supply. Rams are large, docile, majestic creatures, making a dazzling sight in the show ring.

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