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Our Family Life

The Troy and Loren Heath family was founded in 1995 in the very rural area of Lorane, Oregon. Although our later-in life dream of having our own family was not in God's will, He's kept us extremely fulfilled and busy caring for the farm, farriering horses, and expanding our interests in other areas of life.

Our Farm's History

Our small farm was acquired in Yamhill, Oregon in 2004 as a perfect fit within the geographical area of Troy's quickly expanding farrier business.  It offered the room necessary for our horses, dogs, cats and of course the rural lifestyles we both have only ever known.  Distracted Acres is tucked up against the East side of the Oregon coast range foothills, in the northern Willamette Valley.  The Willamette Valley is part of the Maritime Northwest and is truly striking with beauty and diversity.  The farm is mostly surrounded by Hazelnut orchards, numerous vineyards, nurseries, smaller farm operations and endless picturesque hills and valleys. 
The “distraction” started a few years after moving to Yamhill when Troy's mom asked us to lamb out her ewes that came from the family ranch (Troy's grandparents), so she could enjoy some retirement traveling. This in turn giving Troy and I the starts to our sheep operation when his mom left us with all the ewe lambs and yearling ewes after she picked up the rest several months later.  Troy now the third generation in his family to carry on in the sheep industry.  Over the years the flock has both downsized and upsized at times, much like the rest of the critters around here.  The hens and horses have passed on, but there's currently 3 cats, a honeybee hive, 2 working Border Collies (which are an instrumental part of the sheep operation), and lots of precious family and friends that frequent.  Although the "distraction" is copious amounts of work, Troy and I know no other lifestyle.  The Lord has blessed us with abundant joy, applicable learning lessons of "sheep" and many ministry opportunities through our farm and lifestyle.

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