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We sell our wool across the United States.       

 Our Sheep's Amazing Wool


Our raw (unwashed) fleece is a lovely natural white that is perfect for dying into an array of luscious colors. Its natural glow is prized by professional fiber artists, fiber processors, hand spinners, as well as felt makers and crafters. We do our own shearing and skirting so you get a fleece that is perfect for any finish processing. We strive for staple lengths of 3" to 5-6". A limited supply of processed white wool; washed locks, batts, and roving or spun yarn, can be found in our Farm Store,

Our Texel wool makes beautiful rovings and batts. Its beauty, that includes a bit of shine, is perfect for felted fashions and needle felted creations. The fiber blends well and has a strong crimp. When dyed, the colors are luscious and vibrant. It has a lovely soft feel against the skin and great insulation qualities.

Our raw Texel lambs wool, taken from the first shearing, is as soft and lofty as a pillow. It often sports a wee bit of luster, lots of crimp, and little baby pearly tips at the ends. So cute! It has all the characteristics of adult fleece, only a bit finer.

Border Leicester

Our gorgeous, raw Border Leicester wool has  lustrous curly locks with a medium crimp and purled tips. These locks are highly sought after for dyeing, lock spinning, doll's hair and felting. Its luster can't be beat, especially when dyed in assorted colors. Great for spinning, blending, and craft projects.

Our raw Border Leicester lambs wool is baby soft. It has open locks, a silky feel, and fine purled tips at the ends. It is perfect for next-to-the-skin softness.

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