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The Troy and Loren Heath family was founded in 1995 in Lorane, Oregon. Although our later-in life dream of having a family was not God's will, we've been kept extremely fulfilled and busy caring for the farm, farriering horses, and expanding our interests in other areas of life.

Our Farm's History

We purchased our small, deferred acreage farm in 2004. This beautiful land in the foothills of the Coast Range, southwest of Portland, was perfectly located within the geographical area of Troy's quickly expanding farrier business. We moved our horses, dogs, and cats to the farm and settled into our new life.


The following year, we cared for Troy's parent's small flock during lambing season so they could enjoy a few months of "snow bird" retirement. As a Thank Ewe!, they left all the ewe lambs behind so we could start our own flock. Today, we have a horse, a dog, several cats, some hens, and our honey bees. The sheep have overshadowed everything and become the great Distraction on our Acres of land. Distracted Acres and Troy's Farrier Services absorb most of time, but we always find time to appreciate the life God has given us.

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